Rosalind Cook – Chair —


Anti-choice bills: Over a dozen anti-choice bills were introduced this legislative session. The Women’s Issues committee focused on two bills filed by Rep. Frank Hoffman that will jeopardize access to health care for women–prohibiting funding of providers like Planned Parenthood and increasing the mandatory waiting period for women seeking abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours (this bill signed into law by the Governor). Legislation is chipping away at the right to a legal abortion

HB386 Hoffman: OPPOSED ~Reproductive/abortion rights: extends the waiting period from 24 hours to 72 hours. Current Status: Passed the House and Senate; signed by the Speaker; Gov. John Bel Edwards’ signed into law on Thursday, May 19, 2016, even though groups contacted the governor’s office, urging him to veto. Becomes Act 97

HB606 Hoffman: OPPOSED ~Funds/funding: Prohibits entities that perform abortions from receiving public funding for any purpose. Current Status: Passed by the Senate. On its way to the Governor for his signature

Legislation in Baton Rouge – Preliminary List relative to some LAW Priorities:

Two issues that LAW has proactively sought legislation for: Equal Pay (Minimum Wage & Paid Leave) and Comp Sex Ed (regarding the anonymous surveying of students): HB 402 P Smith – Anonymous surveying re risk behaviors; SB 218 Bishop – Anonymous surveying re: risk behaviors—bills are dead; did not pass

The Women’s Issues committee focused on Employment/Equal Pay issues

SB 254 Morrell – Employment: Equal Pay   Current Status: Passed Senate; dead for this session after the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee voted against the bill (Rosalind Blanco Cook and Linda Hawkins testified at the Committee hearing)

SB 298 Peterson – Family & Medical Leave: Current Status: Pending Senate Labor and  Industrial Relations

Events: attended meeting with numerous groups concerning Equal Pay, domestic violence and proposed legislation; letters to legislators and governor