Annemarie Dewey & Casey Green – co-chairs —

GOALS 2017-2019

  1. Follow the timeline for the LWVLA Charter School Study.
  2. Develop an understanding of the governing roles, powers, and interplay of the governing structure of higher education in Louisiana and the state and student funding of each post-secondary institution.
  3. Determine whether LWVUS and LWVLA positions on governance, finance, and education are adequate for a vigorous LWVLA response to BESE action, as well as legislative bills affecting post-secondary education in our state.
  4. Monitor education bills during the spring legislative session.
  5. Use our committee member, Melanie Bronfin’s, research reports to propose a concurrence position for early childhood care and education, ages birth to five, in time for the Board and local Leagues to review and respond yes/no on it well in time for final notice prior to convention. [The LWVLA Education Committee reviewed a number of their states’ early childhood education positions without success prior to the 2017 Convention—they all had other state structures or weren’t sufficiently specific.]

Early Childhood Education

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