Joanne Pettit –

GOALS 2017-2019

  1. To educate members on the issues surrounding mass incarceration at national, state and local levels:
    1. By sharing current news and reports on criminal justice issues through regular newsletters
    2. By engaging topical speakers and co-sponsoring events with other non-profit, non-partisan organizations.
    3. To work with coalition partners on legislation to reform Louisiana’s correctional system. Partners include Louisianans for Prison Alternatives; VOTE (Voice of the Experienced); and Louisiana Youth Justice Coalition (Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights).
  2. To work with coalition partners to reduce recidivism rates through evidence-based reentry programs. Coalition under LA-PRI (Louisiana Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative).
  3. To advocate for reforms to Louisiana’s public defense funding, as set out in the LWVLA Public Policy Positions.
  4. To build membership and interest in the committee:
    1. By holding regular statewide and local meetings, in person and through conference calls
    2. By giving regular reports and updates to the committee on coalition activities
    3. By engaging and instructing members in the legislative process and providing opportunities for advocacy roles
    4. By encouraging members of all local leagues to promote and participate in criminal- justice-related activities in their home regions.